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It's this simple.
It's this fast.
Links tall buildings in a single bound.



The IP360 can be installed in half the time of a traditional access control system.


The IP360 integrates access control and alarm monitoring out of the box.


The IP360 can control one or multiple locations. All one door at a time.

User Friendly.

The IP 360 User Interface allows end users to easily control who can access what where and when.

Quick Installation

IP based, the IP360 can plug into your existing network.  One Ethernet cable from each door to the nearest switch replaces four or more cable runs and wiring harnesses. 

The IP360 leverages Power over Ethernet functionality meaning no more power cables.  Intelligent door readers distribute power to all door components including the strike and request to exit devices.  A pigtail will even handle door position sensors.

Integrated Solution

The IP360 access controller works hand in hand with an integrated DSC alarm panel to deactivate alarms for credentialed users - no more 30 second sprints.

As a bonus, being a separate Linux based appliance on your network means the end user doesn't have to worry about losing access everything Microsoft does an update.

Multi-Site Management

Whether you’re a company with multiple locations looking to upgrade your security, or a growing business in need of a scalable solution, IP360 has got what you need. Our all-in-one security solution is less expensive than other alternatives and is easier to use than some hassle-some security packages.

Our unique multi-site management system allows your security to grow and adapt with your business. Our web or mobile based tool provided unprecedented control and monitoring of all of your IP360 outfitted properties. One click gives you access to a multitude of alerts via email, text message, or phone call, as well as the analytics and tools you need to keep your facilities running smoothly.

End User Friendly Interface

It is no longer necessary to load software on each and every computer in your company. With our browser based software all the end user is required to do is open their favorite browser and type "ip360" to log in from anywhere on your internal network.

An interface that is very intuitive makes day long training a thing of the past!

What is the IP360?


  • Rack mountable fully self contained unit
  • IP based access controller
  • Integrated Web Server
  • Redundant monitoring communication controller
  • Redundant storage
  • 1.8 GB processor
  • 2 GB RAM


  • E alarms based on DSC industry standard alarm panel 
  • UL certified monitoring station

 What We Don't Have

  • Complicated, difficult to understand software
  • Reader Boards
  • Communication Boards
  • Expander Boards
  • Expensive Cable Runs
  • Power Supplies

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